Black Ink Crew: Sassy And Puma Share Style Secrets And Selfie Tips

Season Two of Black Ink Crew is off to a dramatic start, with Puma walking out on the shop and longtime pal Ceaser, and his BFF Sassy looking like she might do the same. The self-proclaimed Wonder Twins have a tight-knit relationship that extends beyond tatoos, PR strategy, and partying. And anyone who’s taken a good look at these two can see they’re style mavens, but what goes into their day-to-day look?

VH1 caught up with the duo to talk fashion, photo shoots and, yes, even selfie secrets. Don’t judge someone until you’ve been in a poppin’ spot where the light is just right. Check out some of the designers they love and find out when it’s appropriate to tell a friend that his or her outfit is whack.