T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle: An Educational Nut Punch

This week on T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle, Tip and Tiny have a lot of teaching to do. On the home front, Tip is trying to instill the value of education in King and Domani, whose report cards indicate a lack of studying from his two middle sons. And Tiny is trying to get her newest girl group, French Kiss, to be a cohesive and professional group, but their fighting has become a problem. So how does everyone learn their lessons this week? With some heart-to-heart conversations, and a punch to the nuts from Major.

After T.I. sees King and Domani’s report cards, he plans to turn their summer into summer school. He hires a tutor to drill them, and when it comes time for them to study for their first big test, they employ an even better study method, one they call “Punch you in the nuts.” That’s when they quiz one another on vocabulary, and anytime someone gets a word wrong, Major gets to punch you in the nuts. Duh. Major’s a little nut-punch happy, because even when King is right, he still takes a wild swing (and when he realizes his mistake, he tries to take it back).

Tiny, on the other hand, can’t employ this kind of tactic with French Kiss. The girls have been working hard on their first big performance and it has a few minor issues, but Tiny is proud of them and they actually sound pretty good once the microphones start to work. There’s trouble within the group because Ale (pronounced Ali and not like a ginger soda) keeps missing rehearsals. After the girls have a blowout fight, Tiny intervenes, telling them this is how things with her own girl group (and with Shekinah) were, and they need to work together to keep the fighting to a minimum.

Finally, Tip plans to test his boys on the knowledge they’ve gained since amping up their studies. When Domani is asked to use the word “amateur” in a sentence, he tells his dad “When it comes to this rap game, you are an amateur,” which makes us think he doesn’t actually know the meaning of the word — doesn’t he know his dad is kind of a big deal?

T.I. asks them a series of other word definitions (frail, alien, manuscript; what exactly is the common thread here? E.T.?) and they pass T.I.’s test and win back their phones, which had been confiscated until they stepped things up. “How did you study?” Tip asks as he’s leaving his boys. “When we got the wrong question, we got punched in the nuts,” Domani tells him. T.I. might be a ball-buster when it comes to keeping his kid in line, but this is new to him.