Check Out The Best Old-School Pics Of The Black Ink Crew

  • DutchessHighSchool

  • Sassy and Mom

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  • Puma

  • Puma1

  • Ceaser

  • DutchessGrandmother

  • Dutchesstbt

  • Sassy and her mom

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  • Sky

  • Quani TBT

  • Puma TBT

  • Donna TBT BIC

  • Donna BIC TBT

  • Ceaser TBT Class

  • Ceaser TBT

If you ask us, the best thing about looking at old photos of the cast of Black Ink Crew is tracing the evolution of their hair. To see a young Sassy, sans mohawk (and with adorable pigtails), or Dutchess without her signature braids is kind of shocking…not to mention seeing Puma without his dreadlocks.

In this collection of throwback photos, check out some adorable old pics of the crew before they were famous (and back when Ceaser was compared to Heavy D). So cute, and yet almost unrecognizable!

[Photos: Instagram]