Puma And Sassy Say No To Face Tattoos And Tramp Stamps

Now that they’re not working at the shop, Black Ink Crew stars Puma and Sassy have even more time to share helpful information with the community. We know these two have a lot of thoughts on tattoo design and etiquette, but are there any body parts that are off limits? Help us, Wonder Twins!

“Tramp stamps are so played out! Girls, please stop getting tramp stamps,” Sassy told us during a recent interview. “And to the guys that I’ve been seeing getting tramp stamps? Please stop that.” Puma recommends you think twice before asking for something that’s actually pretty painful, simply because you saw it on one of your favorite rappers. Hint: if Gucci Mane does it, it doesn’t mean it’s right.

Watch the pals explain the rest of their no-nos, and check out a new episode of Black Ink Crew on Monday at 9:30 pm ET/PT.