Black Ink Crew Episode Three: Pole Dancing And Popping Bottles

On tonight’s episode of Black Ink Crew, Dutchess opens our eyes to an entirely new way to give back to the community, while Puma proves you’re never too old to get silly on your birthday. After the shop underwent major restructuring in Episodes One and Two, is there more drama to come? Read on to find out.

Puma’s Pals Hit The Catwalk

No Black Ink job? No problem! When Puma’s IUFO clothing line teams up with Street Fashion Week, all of Black Ink’s former employees (plus Walt) come out of the woodwork. Because Mr. Fashionable is busy simultaneously planning a wedding and getting turnt up for his birthday, Sassy handles much of the logistics, while Alex and Walt serve as models for the evening. By borrowing lyrics from Jay Z, Sassy encourages us all to hit the pavement in our best looks, day after day.

Is Dutchess A Stripper?

Gossip is at an all-time high at Black Ink. First came rumors that Sassy and Teddy had hooked up, and now the boys can’t stop giggling about the fact that Dutchess participated in a charity striptease at King of Diamonds. That’s right, charity. It might be all in good fun, but just make sure you get your facts right, gentlemen.

Are You Sure You Want To Get That?

Keeping with tonight’s themes of Jay Z and strippers, Teddy brings in a female “friend” and potential client eager to get done up by Dutchess. A fan of Hov’s inspirational lines, her lyrics of choice are “the motivation for me is them telling me what I cannot be,” which she wants to get straight down her back. Are you down with that, Dutch & Walt? We know Ted is…

What did you think about tonight’s episode? Will Puma’s fashion line be a big success? Is it wrong for the fellas to gawk at Dutchess? Should Puma straighten up before the big day? Let us know in the comments below.