So Did She Dance At King Of Diamonds Or Not? Dutchess Clears Things Up

Despite being down two employees, much of the chatter on tonight’s Black Ink Crew has been focused around whether or not Dutchess is a stripper. Thanks again to the power of the Internet, news spread from Lenox Ave. and beyond following a recent striptease at King of Diamonds in Miami. Is the photo below merely a sign of the King and Queen of Black Ink having a good time on their night off, or something the rest of the shop should be worried about?

VH1 reached out to the BIC star in May, and she confirmed that her performance did happen, and that all proceeds went to charity. Read more on her decision to dance, as well as the public’s reaction, from Dutchess herself:

The money I made that night was donated to charity. I own a non-profit organization called GunPlay. These guns tattooed on me represent when women realize that they’re the secret weapon. My charity serves women in battered women’s shelters as well as young girls in the runaway homes. I love being a service to these amazing young women. What will never be covered by the media is the charity work I just did, such as sponsoring several girls in my home state for their prom festivities; nor will any of my other upcoming charity projects. Why? Because most people find it more entertaining to tear a person down. Which is exactly why I danced at KOD, because I want to remove ALL stigmas about women.

My educational and artistic accomplishments speak for themselves. But I represent the complete modern women, and she’s not just smart, accomplished, and talented, but she’s also sexy. She’s in control of her own sexuality and isn’t afraid to express herself. She doesn’t accept the labels that society puts on her because she does what she does for herself.

I’ve posed for magazines in less, appeared on television in less, and it wasn’t deemed wrong. Male entertainers and athletes are in the media being admired and honored for spending ridiculous amounts of money in America’s gentlemen clubs and it’s not wrong. So what makes me dancing, performing an erotic dance which I consider to be an art (along with many others) so wrong that I need to be crucified in the media? I had a swimsuit on the entire time for the duration of one song. To keep it 100 percent, if you’re judging me you are also judging all those other ladies in there working hard to entertain people and I’m assertive that they will STAND WITH ME. There’s not going to be any degradation of women on my watch. If you think that there is something wrong with any woman who dances at KOD or any other gentleman club, then what makes you so perfect?

As for Ceaser, who was in the audience of KOD, is he upset by his girlfriend’s decision? “She wasn’t stripping! She only knows about like two good women moves, you pop your ass out and that’s about it,” he said on tonight’s episode. But Walt isn’t complaining about the lack of variety in her routine: “Dutchess motherf–king hit a split!” he said. “Yo, you definitely don’t understand. She hit a split and bounced on that s–t!” Isn’t that the reaction we’d all hope to receive?

[Photo Credit: @therealceaser]