The Best Moments From T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle: On The Road

This week on The Family Hustle, Tip takes the kids out on the road with him, but it’s all work and no play for the Harrises.

Tip kicks off the tour in Alabama and it’s pretty great to be able to see him on stage in his element. Also great? Seeing King dance to “Blurred Lines.” It’s a blink-and-you-could-miss-it moment, but we love his moves. The whole family gets in on the action, dancing onstage with their dad, and it’s clear just how proud they are of T.I.

The kids are put to work on the next stop of the tour in Nashville, it’s not all fun and games and dancing anymore. King and Major are running security but they’re not doing very well with their one rule: “No playing on the job.” However, the one thing they do excel at is getting the phone numbers of any good-looking lady who wants to get backstage and telling fans to “keep it moving.”

So not only does T.I. win cool points for letting the kids come on tour in the first place, but he proves just how awesome of a dad he is by letting Domani, a skateboard enthusiast, actually be a part of the live show. Tip’s co-headliner Lil Wayne already has skaters and ramps built in to his show, so during his set, Domani got to go ride the half-pipe. “He rose to the occasion, he performed at a stellar level,” T.I. says. And to this proud papa, that’s all that matters.

Overall, having the kids on the road was a huge success. Unfortunately after just a couple shows, they quit. All that work was fun…temporarily.

Somehow, Tip will have to finish the tour on his own.