Very VH1: Sassy And Puma Feel Betrayed By Dutchess, But Are Cool With Alex

Last night on Very VH1, Black Ink Crew stars Sassy and Puma joined us for a very candid chat about the state of the relationships on the show. As of right now, Dutchess is no longer friends with these two, but we’ve seen the previously-banished Alex welcomed back into their lives. So what’s the real story these days? Allow the Wonder Twins to break it down.

When a fan asked if Sassy and Puma felt betrayed by Dutchess, Puma responded “I do…In the beginning, she was cool as s—. You gotta understand, in the beginning it was like a different person. But as time went, that person ain’t there no more.” Sassy agrees and feels sad that their former friend “completely switched” as soon as she started dating Ceaser, and she “made herself look crazy” when she started rumors about Sassy. Alex, on the other hand, got a bad rap last season because as Puma says, she was Dutchess’s “first victim.”

See what else these guys have to say about their former co-workers in the clip above. (And for the record, they’re cool with all of their other co-stars these days, including Ceaser. You can see what they have to say about the rest of those guys by watching our entire Spreecast here.)