Black Ink Crew Episode Four: Dutchess Is Ready To Fight

Allegiances are forming and the battle lines are drawn. What is life like for members of the Black Ink Crew these days? Tense, to say the least.

We’ve seen Ceaser turn to family when things get sticky. After losing two employees and damaging two friendships, he calls in reinforcements in the form of Mommy, to talk some sense into his remaining employees. But will that make Dutchess apologize to Sassy? Can things go back to the way they were?

Before we jump to any conclusions, check out the Top 3 moments from tonight’s episode.

Dutchess Sets The Record “Straight”

After hearing it from both Ceaser and Mommy, Dutchess put on her diplomatic hat and met Sassy to clear the air. Even though she had previously been laughing about the possibility of Teddy and Sassy spending time together after hours, she wasn’t going to apologize for hurt feelings–she was going to place the blame elsewhere. “I’m very pissed off with how this played, because from my understanding, it’s all my fault,” she announced. The conviction was there, and Dutchess appeared willing to rattle off a hundred different possibilities of where the rumor started rather than own up to her own wrongdoing. “Right now I am having an extremely hard time believing anything that’s coming out of Dutchess’ mouth,” Sassy replied, simultaneously reevaluating her relationships with just about everyone in the shop.

“The reality of it is, I don’t care if she believes me,” said Dutchess, who is NOT a minion, Ceaser’s “puppet-bitch,” or anything other than a “grown-ass f–king woman.” Is this what friends, or even former friends do to each other? Don’t get it twisted, because this girl is ready to go to war.

Puma’s Family Reunion

Puma is a party guy. We’ve seen him turn up in the shop and at the club, and goof around whenever he’s on daddy duty with his girl, Tamia. But in a rare moment of real talk, he revealed his rocky past and the estranged relationship he currently has with his mother. Thanks to the power of Facebook, she’s back in his life and is looking to reconnect. Will he let her in? (Hat tip to O’S**t for providing some insightful advice. These two are best friends for sure!)

Ceaser Steals O’S**t’s Client

O’S**t has been through a lot in recent months, but he’s trying to get it together–just ignore the fact that he misspelled the word “against” two weeks ago. Despite recent screw-ups and a shaky history with Cease, he’s ready to work. But how can he do that when Ceaser is taking all of his clients? Whether a misunderstanding or Ceaser trying to prove “the customer is always right,” taking away one of S**t’s former clients will not help the rift that is beginning to form between these two. “You’re trying to embarrass me in front of my client, and you’re trying to take money out of my pocket? And he know I got these lawyer fees to pay?” And girlfriend fees, and baby fees, and baby mama fees…

And then there was Puma’s news. Oh boy.

Will Puma start a war by opening his own shop? Did Dutchess handle her conversation with Sassy the right way? Was it poor form for Ceaser to tattoo O’S**t’s client? Let us know in the comments below.