T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Season Finale: Dueling Dinners

This week marks the season finale of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, and sadly, it sees a family divided by distance. While Tiny spends some time with the OMG Girlz in Atlanta, Tip takes the rest of the family on a Puerto Rican vacation, and on his first night parenting solo, he makes the entire family an incredible surf and turf and pasta and everything in between meal.

It’s pretty great to see Tip take so much pride in his cooking. It’s clearly one of the ways that he and Tiny differ because she ends up joining the family in Puerto Rico after all, and when it’s her turn to cook, she has a whole different outlook. “I’m gonna put food on the table all right, but I’m gonna work smarter, not harder” is Tiny’s philosophy. Smarter meaning take-out plated up to look like she made the food herself.

Tip is no fool, he can spot a professionally sliced orange garnish and suspicious grill marks from a mile away. Tiny, the jig is up! Tip’s not mad for long though. Before the Puerto Rican adventure is over, he tells his brood “In Harris family tradition, we cannot leave without a bang!” Literally! Tip has arranged for fireworks to decorate the night sky over their house. Not a bad way to close out a vacation and a third season.