Very VH1: Did Puma Open A New Tattoo Shop To Get Revenge?

Puma and O’S**t joined us last night for a Very VH1 live chat after Black Ink Crew and there were so many things we had to know after watching, especially about Ink 124, Puma’s new tattoo shop. Was this a legitimate business, or was he just starting his own shop out of revenge after being fired by Ceaser?

“I started a shop to feed my family,” Puma told us. (Of course he’s not motivated by revenge. He’s Puma! He wouldn’t be so mean.) “I’m about my dollars.” And since Puma propositioned O’S**t with a job last night, does S**t plan to join Puma or stay put at Black Ink? “It’s like a catch-22” S**t says, “I could hurt one friend to help another friend, so what should I really do?” Good question!

What do you fans think, should S**t stay at Black Ink, or join Puma at Ink 124?