Very VH1: O’S**t Discusses His Baby Mama Drama And Whether Or Not He’s Heading To Jail

This week, Very VH1’s guests were Black Ink Crew stars Puma and O’S**t, who both have a little bit of baby mama drama in their life — although S**t’s is much more out of control. When he was asked about Kathy, his ex who flipped out on his current girlfriend, Kaylin, he responded “Kathy’s issue is that we have a whole long back story. She was like my first love and she feels like she’s entitled to me.” Hilariously, he was pret-ty sure Kathy was watching the live chat, so he and Puma made sure to give her a wave and say hi.

That led to a fan question asking him about his current legal woes and whether or not he’s heading to jail. To hear what S**t has to say about his legal fate, watch the rest of the clip above.