Counting Down The 40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments Of All Time: #40-31

This week, VH1’s countdown show to end all countdown shows, The Greatest, will outdo itself. That’s because it’s turning into a four-night-long Love & Hip Hop love-fest. It will be counting down the 40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments, including everything from Chrissy and Mama Jones’ psychotic blowout on the original Love & Hip Hop to Stevie J. and Benzino’s beef over who smashed da homie on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. We’ll be giving fans a taste of what to expect as we count along with the show and reveal ten moments per day, starting with numbers 40 to 31 below, but you’d be wise to tune in when The 40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments airs at 8PM on Thursday, October 24 to see what the #1 moment is.

And don’t forget that season four of Love & Hip Hop premieres this Monday, October 28 at 8PM ET/PT.

40. Bromance Interrupted

We always thought Stevie and Benzino’s friendship was unshakeable, but clearly, as this scene proves, even the most solid of friendships can be tested. When Benzino tells Stevie “We ain’t brothers no more,” it really seemed like their relationship was doomed.

39. “I’m His Mommy”

Mama Jones turns a flip insult from Chrissy into a hit song.

38. Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Mimi and K.Michelle were tight…until Nikko came into the picture. In this scene a bouquet of flowers turns from a lovely post-show gift into K’s weapon of choice.

37. Making It Rain

Mimi’s on-again boyfriend made a surprise appearance at the season two reunion of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and he and Stevie had a money-wad measuring contest which ended with some stormy weather when Stevie made it rain.

36. Battleship

Chrissy and Somaya might get along just fine now, but during season one of Love & Hip Hop, the situation wasn’t pretty. And it was less pretty when you put them on a boat with Somaya’s then-manager, Maurice, with no escape in sight. Things got loud and nasty real quick.

35. You Left Him For Dead

Momma Dee and Erica Dixon both love Scrappy, but they really do not like one another. In this moment, Momma Dee curses Erica out for not taking her Prince to the hospital during an asthma attack.

34. Zip Happens

Soaya Reece suffers a wardrobe mishap in this classic LHH moment.

33. Urine Trouble

Joe Budden admitted to a relapse in season three of LHH, and his old love, Tahiry, was there to help force him to pee in a cup to keep him on the straight and narrow.

32. Vagina Monologue

Relive all the insults hurled at Rich Dollaz by Somaya at the season one reunion, and see what got him so mad he stormed off the stage.

31. Indecent Proposal

Benzino pulled a fast one on Karlie in this clip by faking her out with a ring and no proposal. This might have been the first time it truly sank in just how batsh*t crazy Love & Hip Hop Atlanta really is.

Check in tomorrow when we count down the top moments from 30-21!