The 40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments Of All Time: #30-21

If you ask us, there are actually an infinite number of amazing moments from Love & Hip Hop’s New York and Atlanta seasons, so picking the top 40 is a damn-near impossible feat. But that’s what VH1’s countdown show The Greatest is attempting to do on this week’s episode! To gear up for the two-hour event, we’re rolling out ten moments per day so you can see just how explosive these combined five seasons have been. Today, we’ll be checking out #30 to 21, which include Erica and Momma Dee’s disastrous dinner, Steebie sending Joseline back to the strip club, and a couple of touching proposals.

30. The Last Supper

Erica Dixon and Momma Dee have never been close but this dinner pulled them even further apart.

29. Spell Check

Mama Jones wanted to capitalize on her “Psychotic Bitch” song so she went and made some t-shirts with the song lyrics. To bad they were spelled wrong. All wrong.

28. Piano Man

For all his shortcomings as a life partner, Stevie proved here he deserves his music props.

27. Chrissy Pops The Question

Watching Chrissy bare her soul and propose to Jim still gives us chills to this day.

26. “You Hurt Me To The Core”

He might know how to serenade Mimi, but he also knows how to hurt her like no other. In this clip, Mimi tells Stevie just how badly she’s hurting as a result of his philandering.

25. Put A Ring On It

Every proposal thus far in our list seems to have been a real shock to the person receiving the ring, and Yandy’s engagement was no different. Here, Mendeecees takes a house-hunting trip to the next level by getting down on one knee while they’re checking out real estate.

24. Caught In A Lie

Rich + Erica + Tiffany = One hot mess.

23. Sucker Punch

There was a quiet beef a-brewing between Consequence and Joe Budden which exploded at the season three reunion Check out Cons’ sucker punch in the #23 clip.

22. Back To The Strip Club

More famous words have never been uttered. Stevie, don’t even try to send this woman back to the strip club.

21. Crash And Burn

Hell hath no fury like a mother-in-law scorned. Go, Shirleen, go!

Check back tomorrow when we count down moments 20-11! The 40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments airs Thursday, October 24 at 8PM ET/PT.