LeToya Luckett Is Single Ladies’ New Ice Queen

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When Single Ladies returns this January, there will be a new woman on the show to shake things up a bit. LeToya Luckett, perhaps best known for her music, both as part of Destiny’s Child and her solo career, will be joining the cast as Felicia Price, the icy owner of music management firm, Price Management, and her presence is certainly a new and welcome addition to the cast.

Luckett recently posed for Bleu magazine’s Bombshell section and not only does she sport a sexy new look in the photos, she also discusses her role on the show.

“The role I play on Single Ladies, Felicia, is very different than me. She is confident and very snappy,” Luckett tells Bombshell. “I’m a goofy smiling person, and she is very cold. I would sit down and watch movies with cold bosses like The Devil Wears Prada. The way Meryl played that role was cold, but you got to see why she was cold.”

Get a glimpse of Luckett in action in season three’s first look below.

[Photos: Elton Anderson/Bombshell]