He Got Game: Teddy The Ladies’ Man Reveals His Dating Strategy

There’s just something about Teddy Ruks. Monday’s episode of Black Ink Crew saw three different women vying for the attention of Black Ink’s resident Lothario, while Monday night’s Very VH1 was flooded with propositions from Teddy fans looking to get to know him better. He can’t help it if he’s popular!

“My secret is just being me. Like, I’m a very honest dude, very clean cut,” Ted explained. “But I can be this asshole that everyone assumes that I am.” Alongside buddy Ceaser, Ted allowed us to play therapist as we gauged just how awkward it was to have Ashley, India, and Sky in the same place at the same time, and dug into his past in search of the one woman who may have made him the way he is today. “Everything I go through I take as a learning situation. No female has ever hurt Teddy Ruks.” Oh really?

With firm beliefs that no man or woman will ever find his or her “ideal” mate (tear) Teddy revealed the number one factor he looks for in a partner: personality. Sky may have made an impression on us by dropping her panties in the middle of a Harlem eatery, but she’s also got the “dopest” personality Mr. Ruks has experienced in a long time. Potential suitors take note: it’s all in how you carry yourself.

You’ve seen the way women flock to him, and how he stays loyal to his friends above all else. He’s currently taking a Henny break to focus on his fitness, so be honest: would you hit it?

[Photo Credit: Adam Mayer/VH1]