Ceaser Reveals His Plans For The Future Of Black Ink

Now that Puma is opening his own tattoo shop just steps away from Black Ink, how will this affect Ceaser’s business? “We ain’t hurtin’,” the Black Ink Crew star said during this week’s edition of Very VH1. “There’s a million competitors in Harlem, and I’m competing against all of them.”

From a business standpoint, Puma’s Ink 124 may just be another name vying for potential customers in the neighborhood. But his decision to open a competitor so close to his longtime friend’s shop cuts deep. “The only reason why Puma’s shop affected me so well was because he’s my friend; I wouldn’t have expected that out of Puma,” Ceaser said. “Business is business, money is money, you know what I mean? But friendships [are] hard to come by.”

Right now, Ceaser is looking to expand his brand. Black Ink is always open to hiring new tattoo artists and promoting local work in and around the shop, and soon enough, Cease will have a new project to promote: Black Ink magazine. A lifestyle magazine that will cover everything from tattoos, to hip-hop and sneakers in the urban community, Ceaser’s title hits newsstands on January 1, 2014. As far as content, the shop bosses promises to feature at least one video vixen. Check out more of Ceaser’s plan for the future of the Black Ink empire, below.

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