VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Love & Hip Hop + Chrissy & Mr. Jones Return

From the season premieres of Love & Hip Hop and Chrissy and Mr. Jones to Puma’s major announcement on Black Ink Crew, VH1 itself was having the best week ever. On the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop, Amina Buddafly reveals that she is not Peter Gunz’s side-chick…she is his wife! Meanwhile, on the season premiere of Chrissy & Mr. Jones, Jim and Chrissy become full time parents when Jim’s son, Pudie, decides to live with them for the entire summer.

On Black Ink Crew, Puma was honored by Vibe Magazine and announced that he was opening his own tattoo shop. Down south in Miami, Ang launched her new wine but not without conflict between Morgan and Cristina…again on Miami Monkey. With all the unexpected twist and turns on VH1’s prime time line-up, it was hard to pick our favorite moments from this past week, but somehow we managed.

Love & Hip Hop: Is Amina Peter Gunz’s Wife?

From the very first scene, we were hooked on this new season of Love & Hip Hop. With cast changes and love triangles, we know we will be on the edge of our seats all season long. After announcing that they are starting their own record label, Rich and Yandy must decide if they want to work with new solo artist, Amina Buddafly. Later in the episode we (along with Rich) learn that not only is Peter Gunz having an affair with his Amina (while dating longtime mother-of-his-children, Tara), but they’re actually MARRIED! Can you say SHOCKER OF THE SEASON?!

Chrissy & Mr. Jones: Jim Tells Chrissy That His Son, Pudie, Wants To Stay The Summer

Chrissy & Mr. Jones returned this week with a completely different vibe than the previous season and set a brand-new tone focusing on family. While out go-karting together as a family, Jim tells Chrissy that his 10-year-old son, Pudie, wants to live with them for the entire summer. Considering that Chrissy does not have children of her own, this will be a major life change and an additional responsibility but she seems excited to have Pudie live with her and help put Jim in his place. We can’t wait to see how this new family dynamic will play out the rest of the season!

Black Ink Crew: Puma Is Honored By Vibe Magazine

Puma’s mom, girlfriend Quani, Sassy, Walt, Ted, and O’S**t come out to support Puma as he is honored by Vibe Magazine for the work he has done in Harlem. While giving his acceptance speech, Puma makes it official and announces that he is opening his own tattoo shop in Harlem called Ink 124. In this surprising turn of events, Puma (who was recently fired from Black Ink) has just become Ceaser’s tattooing competition. If the friendship between Puma and Ceaser wasn’t already broken, this will only push the two of them farther apart. Nevertheless, we are excited for Puma’s new business venture and we cannot wait to see how it turns out!

Miami Monkey: Morgan Tries To Talk To Cristina

The past few episodes of Miami Monkey have been filled with drama and this week was no different! Last week we were just as surprised as Cristina to learn that Morgan did not consider herself and Cristina friends. This week Morgan still feels the same way but under Ang’s influence she decides to talk to Cristina about their issues. While at Ang’s wine event, Cristina gets pretty drunk (are you surprised?) and runs away when Morgan tries to talk to her. As a result, the rest of the Miami Monkey staff becomes Team Morgan…and that’s just how Morgan likes it.

Were you shocked to learn that Amina is Peter Gunz’s wife? Is Puma betraying Ceaser by opening up his own tattoo shop? Should Cristina have walked away from Morgan?

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?