Black Ink Crew Episode Seven: Teddy Pulls A Bill Clinton

Black Ink Crew’s second season started off with a bang, yet things seemed to cool down following Ceaser and Puma’s sitdown last week–at least enough for Puma, Cease, Sassy, and Teddy to be in the same room and not rip each other’s heads off. Realizing that he can’t prevent Puma from moving on with his new business venture, Ceaser decided to let it be, and not-so-secretly scope out his new competition while comparing the unfinished locale to a horror film.

Tonight, we got our first look at Ink 124, the new baby Puma can’t wait to show the world, as well as a follow up on a sexytime rumor certain people don’t want to let go. For the most fiery moments of the episode, check out our list below.

Big Willie Is That You?

Maybe she doesn’t have him whipped or isn’t calling the shots, but Dutchess is certainly the reason the shop’s photo shoot with Rhymes & Dimes was three hours late (more on that in a bit). Fearing for the future of Black Ink despite a slew of steady clients, Teddy tried to get through to Cease about the Dutchess situation. Furthering his quest for peace in the Black Ink kingdom, Ted confronted Dutchess about the Sassy rumor once and for all. Who does he think he is, Dutch? A dude whose name is in the middle of some bulls–t. This all leads to a highly spot-on Bill Clinton impression. Nicely done.

Better Late Than Never?

Another episode, another photo shoot gone awry. The whole crew was excited to pose for Rhymes & Dimes magazine at the shop; O’S**t was willing to hand out free style tips and Walt was practicing his best Blue Steel in the mirror. Despite the enthusiasm and regardless of Tiffany’s questionable ensemble, nothing could go on until the King and Queen arrived. Ceaser blamed Dutchess (women, right?) and Dutchess blamed Ceaser, leading to another sternly worded talking to by the photographer. “Getting chewed out in front of my shop is a first for me,” Ceaser said. “First and the last.” Pinky swear?

Walt Starts To Self-Medicate

Walt, Walt, Walt. You’re scaring us with this five-figure child support debt and tendency to drink before noon. Just last week things were looking up: Ceaser’s ability to share difficult things from his past seemed to have inspired and empowered the former manager to search for his dad. Now, we see the reality of the situation–as well as what can happen when birth control isn’t always a priority. Things might be difficult, but Walt needs to realize he’s lucky to have friends who are willing to help him get through the tough stuff.

What do you think of Ink 124? Was it wrong for Teddy to confront both Ceaser and Dutchess? Is Walt in too deep with his debt?