VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Deb Antney Gives Chrissy Career Advice On Chrissy & Mr. Jones

This week VH1 was all about keeping it real. On Chrissy & Mr. Jones, Deb Antney gives Chrissy some tough love about getting her career back on track while on Love & Hip Hop, Nya Lee tries to discredit Rich Dollaz’s management skills.

When Alex arrives hours late to a photo shoot, the makeup artist confronts Alex about her disrespectful actions on Black Ink Crew. On Miami Monkey, the tension and insults are taken to a whole new level when Cristina accuses Morgan of being an escort. From keeping it 100 to telling it like it is, this week VH1’s primetime line-up was all about honesty. Check out our favorite moments from this past week!

Chrissy & Mr. Jones: Deb Antney Advises Chrissy

Last season we saw Chrissy working with friends Emily Bustamante and Talia Coles to design their own jacket line. Now Chrissy feels that it is time to get her career back on track and follow through with an idea from conception to competition. Chrissy meets with Deb Antney, founder and CEO of Atlanta-based management company Mizay Entertainment (and adviser to Rasheeda on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, too, if you’ll recall), for some career advice. With Deb’s tough love and some tears, Chrissy receives the support and encouragement she needs to get back to focusing on her career. We can’t wait to see what comes next for Chrissy.

Love & Hip Hop: Rich and Nya Clash

Now that Yandy and Rich Dollaz have started their own record label, Rich is on the hunt for some talent. When Rich stops by former stripper Nya Lee’s music video shoot to discuss management, he is completely shocked when she knocks down his credibility. In a matter of minutes the conversation turns into a heated argument. As Nya continues to insult Rich over his work in the music industry, Rich emphasizes his achievements and credibility with just one simple phrase – “I make dreams come true!”.

Black Ink Crew: Alex Arrives Late To A Photo Shoot

From hooking up with Teddy and fighting with Dutchess to dropping out of a local fashion show, Alex is no stranger to causing drama. When Alex shows up hours late to a photo shoot, Puma and Sassy are not happy that she has kept everyone waiting. Even more upset than Puma and Sassy is the makeup artist who confronts Alex for not immediately apologizing to everyone as soon as she walked in the door. Not being able to take the heat, Alex walks off set and leaves the photo shoot as the makeup artist yells to her “You’re a wreck! Get your life right!” Clearly, some things (and certain people) never change.

Miami Monkey: Cristina Accuses Morgan Of Being An Escort

A few weeks ago we were just as shocked as Cristina to learn that Morgan did not consider the two of them friends. Since then the tension and hostility between these two women has been really intense. In an effort to hash out their issues and move forward, Cristina and Morgan meet but the conversation goes way left before any discussion of their friendship begins. When insults start flying, Cristina questions where Morgan gets all of her money from and questions if Morgan works as an escort. On top of all that, Cristina also mentions that some people think Morgan is a man?! With these two throwing jabs back and forth at one another, any friendship they may have had is clearly no longer existent.

Do you agree with Nya’s view of Rich? Did the makeup artist overreact when Alex arrived late? Did Cristina cross the line by accusing Morgan of working as an escort?

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?