Black Ink Crew: Ceaser Sizes Up His Competition

It’s time for Black Ink Crew star Ceaser to face the facts: Puma, his friend of nearly 15 years, has flown the coop and is opening up a new tattoo shop in walking distance of Black Ink. It’s tough to have to compete with so many other tattoo shops in the neighborhood, but if he’s the businessman he says he is, he’ll make it work. But first, it can’t hurt to size up his newest competition…

Cease and Teddy take a walk on over to Ink 124 on Monday’s episode, just a few blocks Northeast of Black Ink, but a world away in terms of zombie references. Based on how the place looks, and what the Wonder Twinz are planning, should they be worried?

Tune in to an all-new episode of Black Ink Crew on Monday at 9:30 pm ET/PT.