Black Ink Crew Episode Eight: When Life Gets In The Way

Drama aside, the kids of Black Ink Crew are reinventing the modern hustle through their many business ventures. With Puma’s shop preparing to open its doors and high-profile clients walking into Black Ink left and right, things are looking up. Ceaser’s crew has overcome some recent staff changes, and his artists seem to be committed to their craft. So what happens when one or more of his employees has to prepare for Major Life Changes?

Walt’s not the only one with trouble on his mind lately. Turns out, O’S**t is ready to go down a path he’s quite familiar with, and Dutchess is dealing with a secret few around her know about. For the most dramatic, head-scratching moments from tonight’s episode, check out our list below.

Dutchess Gets A Blast From The Past

Like Walter White, Dutchess Lattimore is in the empire business. Black Ink is just a chapter in what will ultimately become a highly accomplished life, and she’s open to new opportunities in order to expand her brand. Dutchess attended a meeting with Ink Life (the “Nike” of the tattoo industry) that her ex-boyfriend, Marcus, just so happened to be a part of as well. Cease’s sister Tiffany was there, too, ready to report back should things start to get too friendly. But more than focus on rekindling a past romance, Dutchess makes it clear that business gets her off above all else. “Cease is not a jealous man,” she explained. So he wouldn’t care about those scandalous photos a wistful Marcus thinks about every so often? The meeting has to have been awkward for Tiffany, but it also reinforced the idea that Dutchess will one day move away from the shop–and potentially, Ceaser, too. “My empire has nothing to do with Black Ink–Black Ink is Ceaser’s empire,” she explained. “Dutchess’s empire will be totally different, and the world will definitely recognize that.”

O’S**t’s Ever-Expanding Family

Yes, it happened again. O’S**t has a baby on the way with the latest woman in his life, a piece of news he casually revealed to Dutchess during work hours. In awe of her coworkers and their super-strong sperm, Dutchess makes light of the situation at first. But the reality of what’s to come hits home as O’S**t prepares to face one of his baby mamas. It’s been a few weeks since Baby Mama 1, Kathy erupted during a family dinner, but it’s impossible for us to forget her after she proved to be such a volatile fixture in his life. Kathy explains that O’S**t used to joke about having “international babies” one day, and grills him about his recent life choices. Another child by another woman adds yet another dynamic to an already crowed family. “So it’s less form you that my son will get,” Kathy said, obviously devestated. The kicker: she’s still in love with him. But at least she doesn’t want any more kids?

Thank God. Thank you, universe, for just giving me one kid so I can focus on my career, because I do not want to be f–king O’S**t’s baby moms for the f–king rest of my life.


Even though they’re not together, does Kathy have a right to be upset by this news?

Dutchess Has A Secret

After accusations fly about the intentions of said “business meeting,” Dutchess explains herself to Ceaser’s brother Tine. While she reiterates a lot of her militaristic jargon and plans for the future, she confirms her feelings for Ceaser and says the reason they have their fights and jealousy issues is because they’ve both never been in love before. Aww. She starts to break down while rattling off the stress in her life, including a heart condition and upcoming surgery that Ceaser doesn’t know about. Say WHAT?

Black Ink Crew is a television show about a family of co-workers trying to make it in New York City. While business and the hustle is important, this group has taught us that family comes first. And when big, life-changing events come into play, you need your loved ones more than ever.

Should Dutchess be more open with Ceaser about her health issues? Should he be jealous of her ex-boyfriend Marcus? Is there a way O’S**t can make his growing family work? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.