VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Tahiry Breaks Up With Joe Budden On Love & Hip Hop

Rocky romances and relationship troubles were a common theme this week for VH1’s prime time line-up. On Love & Hip Hop Tahiry ended her relationship with Joe Budden in the middle of their therapy session. After Ceaser learned about Dutchess meeting with her ex, Dutchess broke down in tears on Black Ink Crew. Are these fights just speed bumps along the way or are they the beginning of the end for these couples? Check out our favorite moments from this past week on VH1.

Love & Hip Hop: Tahiry Breaks Up With Joe

After learning that Joe had another woman in her bed (even if it was “just a friend”), Tahiry began to have doubts about Joe and accused him of cheating. This week, Tahiry and Joe met with their relationship therapist to clear the air but when Joe continues to not understand why Tahiry is upset (or realize that what he did is a big deal), Tahiry loses her temper. Feeling that Joe does not respect her or make her a priority, Tahiry decides to end the relationship and break up with Joe. Is this really the end of Tahriy and Joe, or will they find a way to work things out?

Chrissy & Mr. Jones: Chrissy Launches Lady Vamp

In a short amount of time, Chrissy and her team try to pull together Lady Vamp for a soft launch of the new brand. After working countless hours, Chrissy hosts a champagne toast to celebrate the launch of Lady Vamp. Emily Bustamante stops by the event and Jim attends the launch to show his support (and he makes a toast to Chrissy!). As a result of the launch’s success, Jim agrees to allow Chrissy to expand the Lady Vamp brand.

Black Ink Crew: Is Dutchess Loyal To Ceaser?

When Ceaser learns from his sister, Tiffany, that Dutchess did not tell him the whole truth about her business meeting that involved her ex, Ceaser becomes extremely angry and leaves his family barbeque. As a result, Dutchess confides in Ceaser’s brother, Tine, about their fight in an effort to make things right. Dutchess breaks down in tears as she admits her wrongdoings and Tine tells her that she did not handle the situation in the right way. Can Ceaser trust Dutchess? Is this the beginning of the end of their relationship?

Does Joe not make Tahiry a priority in their relationship? Is this the beginning of the end for Ceaser and Dutchess? Will you buy from Chrissy’s Lady Vamp clothing line?

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