The Morning After: The Black Ink Crew Shows Us How To Handle A Hangover

Does your head hurt this morning? Did you go a little too hard with friends back in your hometown, before crawling into your childhood bedroom at your mom’s house? It’s OK, allow the Black Ink Crew folks to teach you how to handle a hangover.

1. Wrap yourself in a blanket.
2. Crack open a new beer.
3. Order something extra greasy for breakfast.

Mmmm. Bacon and eggs.

With last night being the biggest bar night of the year, there’s no better time to share a bonus clip from this week’s episode of BIC. We saw how Puma and Ceaser made up, and the ways in which the entire crew got down in Atlantic City, but what happened when the sun came up? Ted can’t remember anything, Sassy believes in the power of the hair of the dog and Puma smells bacon. Lots of bacon. Find out what happens when you go too hard in a strip club full of cabbage, or take comfort in knowing you aren’t hurting as much as this group, by clicking on the clip above.

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