VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Tiny Gets Festive On Tiny Tonight! Ladies’ Guide To The Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, Tiny and her friends returned with Tiny Tonight! Ladies’ Guide To The Holidays where they shared their insight on how to handle the holiday season with class.

On Love & Hip Hop, Erica Jean and Saigon hit a major roadblock in their relationship as an argument over parenting turned physical as Saigon accused Erica Jean of being a bad mother. Jim surprised Chrissy with a pink Hummer limo (that she was not too happy about) on Chrissy & Mr. Jones while things got weird and wild at Puma’s bachelor party on Black Ink Crew. From holiday tips to haphazard incidents, VH1’s primetime line-up kept us entertained all week long. Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

Tiny Tonight! Ladies’ Guide To The Holidays: Holiday Feasts vs. Holiday Curves

In addition to spending time with loved ones and exchanging gifts, eating a big feast is highlight for many people during the holidays. On the latest edition of Tiny Tonight!, Tiny, Tami Roman, Claudia Jordan, Trina, and Shekinah Jo discuss their favorite holiday foods and family meal traditions. The women share their tips on how to cope with the issue of eating too much as well as their secrets for shedding the pounds when the new year arrives.

Love & Hip Hop: Erica Jean vs. Saigon

This week the rocky romance of Erica Jean and Saigon was, without a doubt, a roller coaster ride. First we saw Erica Jean and Saigon cuddling up during a romantic carriage ride through Central Park. Fast forward to a few scenes later and this same couple is arguing over parenting. Concerned that their son is not developing as quickly as other children, Saigon tells Erica Jean that she is not being a good mother to their son. This argument over parenting quickly turns physical and explosive. Will this couple ever find a middle ground?

Chrissy & Mr. Jones: Jim Surprises Chrissy With A Pink Hummer Limo

As a way to show Chrissy how much he appreciates her and is proud of all she has accomplished with Lady Vamp thus far, Jim decides to surprise Chrissy with a ladies night out…complete with a pink Hummer limo. Although Chrissy is not very fond of her transportation, she and Emily pick up some of their friends and hit the town. Was the pink Hummer limo a prank or did Jim just make an innocent mistake?

Black Ink Crew: Puma Blacks Out At His Bachelor Party

In order to celebrate his upcoming wedding, Puma, Sassy, Ted, Walt, and Ceaser head to Atlantic City for Puma’s Bachelor Party. After Ceaser left the strip club because he felt uncomfortable around the strippers, things get really wild when Ted buys Puma a lap dance. As Puma blacks out from drinking, he receives a sexual lap dance from “Britney Spears’ mama”. We really shouldn’t expect anything less from Puma’s bachelor party considering that the craziest things seem to happen to him while at a strip club…remember where Puma was when he found out Tamia was being born? Yeah, enough said.

Did Saigon go to far with Erica Jean? How would you have reacted to Chrissy’s pink Hummer limo? What are you looking forward to most with the upcoming holiday season?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

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