Black Ink Crew Episode 10: O’S**t Prepares For A Long, Hard Journey

Now that gang is partially back together, Black Ink Crew can dust off its hungover self and start getting serious about wedding plans. But first, O’S**t needs to figure out whether or not he’ll be going to jail (yes, this case is still going on) and Puma needs to make good on a promise to his bride-to-be.

After a slightly dramatic bachelor party in AC, the gang in back in the city and looking forward to the future. Ceaser and Puma are cool, but Dutchess remains a divisive name on Quani’s list of potential wedding guests. S**t has to get a hold of his legal issues before he can even think about taking off for Jamaica, and Baby Mama #2 would like him to get real with his daughter at the same time. Check out tonight’s moments that made us gasp, smile and shed a tear, below.

Lulu Comes To Visit

With jail time still a possibility, O’S**t sets aside time to spend with his daughter, Lulu, who just so happens to be the cutest child on the face of the Earth (next to Kiyan Anthony, Major Harris and Cali). Need more proof?

Lulu’s mother, Coley, wants S**t to explain to his daughter that he may have to go away for awhile. And after being raised with a dad in jail, she’s not confident he’ll be able to be a great father from behind bars (“You actually turned out to be a really good dad; don’t f–k it up any more”). O’S**t tries his best, and his attempt at constructing a fairytale around prison sentences and obscure New York State gun laws was a little heartbreaking. More than anything, he wants to enjoy the time he has with his daughter who doesn’t live in New York full-time. According to his lawyer, there’s a strong chance his case will get thrown out due to an improper search of his vehicle (or, as S**t puts it, “the cops f–ked up”). Should be dancing and tattooing and laughing with Lulu until then, or prepping her for the much more upsetting possibility?

Puma Says Goodbye To His Dreads

Quani is down for most of Puma’s shenanigans–strip club visits included–but she’s hoping for dreadlock-free photos come wedding day. Puma without his dreads? That’s like Don King without his ’fro or Rick Ross without his beard! Being a devoted fiance, Puma takes the plunge and cuts it all off, saying goodbye to years of memories along the way. At least he can see his ears now?

We all know that the barbershop is a great place to gossip, but Puma decides that his hair appointment is an excellent opportunity to clue Ceaser in to the fact that Dutchess is not invited to his destination wedding. Does storming off into the street say enough about how the Black Ink boss took the news? After the longtime friends patched things up, will this threaten to ruin their relationship for good? Or should Ceaser not be held responsible for Dutchess and her actions?

For more of Puma with his new ’do, check out the gallery below:

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Walt Breaks Down

It hasn’t been an easy season for Walt. With mounting child support and unplanned pregnancies, he’s spent more time stressing and self-medicating (with Hennessey) than he has having fun with his friends. The search for his biological father came to an end, without the happy ending he was hoping for. After 15 years of not speaking, Walt learned that his dad passed away, leaving him bereft of chances to make amends. While upsetting, the brutal news helps him realize the importance of living in the now and cherishing every moment he’s been given. Walt said that he doesn’t want his children to grow up with an absent father, so hopefully this will be the kick he needs to get his personal business (aka unpaid child support) under control.

Should Puma invite Dutchess to his wedding? Is it wrong for O’S**t not to tell his daughter that he may be going to jail? Can things get better for Walt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.