Black Ink Crew Episode 11: Running Out Of Time

We’re getting down to the wire on this season of Black Ink Crew. Puma only has a few more days before he’s a married man, and O’S**t is close to finding out whether or not he’ll continue to be a free man–or soon be at the mercy of New York State’s Department of Corrections. At least he has a natural survival skill, should he need to use it. Coley and Lulu wrapped up their latest visit to New York, but not before both of O’S**t’s baby mamas have a sit-down chat at the shop. As expected, things get heated; it’s difficult for them not to whenever Kathy is around.

As Richard Duncan and Walter Miller try to get their lives in order, their friends and colleagues proceed to party on an island. Insensitive? Nah! Puma and Quani’s wedding is hours away, and Ceaser is determined to bring his girl–whether the happy couple likes it or not. Weddings are the perfect time for adversaries to air their grievances, right?

If you’re still prepping the perfect outfit for Puma’s nuptials, take a break from rummaging through your closet and check out tonight’s best moments, below.

O’S**t’s Lady Drama Continues

“Think a little more, do a little less, make smarter decisions,” Coley said while O’S**t’s Texas family enjoyed their final moments together in the park. “Don’t let T&A get in the way.” S**t insisted that certain body parts don’t (always) impair his judgment, but came to the realization that all of the current problems he’s going through stem from the women in his life. Whatever happens with his legal situation, it’s clear he’s a great father who loves Lulu and Achilles very much. But as a boyfriend, he needs work.

Kaylin Returns

As Walt says, Kaylin is “the only motherf–king woman [O’S**t] need[s] to be focused on,” so getting her to come to New York and touch base before court is paramount. Remember, it was Kaylin’s car and Kaylin’s gun, so her testifying on O’S**t’s behalf could spare him from serving jail time and finally set the record straight. She does her part, by showing up at the shop ready to talk, but S**t is nowhere to be found despite his future hanging in the balance. What follows is a rant about car payments and broken promises, and one very nervous phone call from Walt.

Paradise Island

While S**t and Walt are dodging trash and dealing with women in New York, the rest of the crew is headed to the island of Jamaica for Puma and Quani’s big day. It’s a small ceremony, so the fact that Ashley was chosen to accompany Ted should mean a lot (sorry, Skye). And the fact that Dutchess is still going even though Quani specifically did not invite her will not go unnoticed. Before any vows are exchanged or drama goes down, the group enjoys their first night in paradise, and toasts to the happy couple that’s ready to leave the single days behind.

Will Puma and Quani’s wedding go off without a hitch? Is it stupid for Puma to introduce the mothers one day before the ceremony? Should Ceaser bring Dutchess to Jamaica? WHERE ON EARTH IS O’S**T?! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.