VH1’s Biggest Breakout Stars Of 2013

Thanks to a plethora (yes, a plethora) or new shows and new blood on VH1, there have been lots of new faces here on the network. This is a list of the ones we love the best, the ones that have owned 2013 and entertained us with their wit, wisdom, talent, and everything else. From cute kids to sassy moms to brilliant singers and dancers, here’s our list of VH1’s breakout stars of 2013.

Pudie: Chrissy & Mr. Jones

We’re used to our fair share of cute kids around these parts (see: Cali from Marrying The Game and Kiyan from La La’s Full Court Life, to name just a couple) but one in particular made us bust up every time he spoke this year, and that was Jim Jones’ son Pudie on Chrissy & Mr. Jones. The kid is hilarious, stylish, and he has serious swagger. — Liz Black

Taylour Paige: Hit The Floor

[Photo: Ron Jaffe]

When Hit The Floor premiered this past Memorial Day, everyone instantly fell in love with the innocent and naïve character of Ahsha Hayes. As Ahsha went against her mother, Sloane, to go after her dreams, we all could relate to her story…plus, we became mesmerized with her amazing dance skills. Whether she’s on camera, on the dance floor, or living her normal life as a recent college grad, Taylour Paige has earned her place as a member of the VH1 family. — Katie Meena

Josh: Off Pitch

While Rob & Tim are the heart and soul of Grand River Singers, the real star was “Josh the Cryer.” Each week, it seemed that Josh would become overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears. Why? We were never really sure but it was what made the show so true and honest and what made Josh the standout (for better or worse). The whole choir is great and all of them deserve a little extra love this holiday season. (Watch season 1 on Hulu+!) — Stacy Lambe

Lil’ Mama: CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story

[Photo: Blake Byers]

We can all agree that the casting for CrazySexyCool was dead on for all the principle characters, but there was a genuine spark (no pun intended…well, not really) in Lil’ Mama’s eye as she portrayed Left Eye. The whole world was abuzz after seeing her performance and her uncanny resemblance to the pop star. — Liz Black

Peter Gunz: Love & Hip Hop New York

Peter Gunz constantly refers to himself as an old man, but he’s injecting a brand-new dose of crazy into the reality game. He’s upped the stakes on relationship drama now that hes presented us with his situation — living with the mother of his children in one house, while married to another woman across town (his uptown baby, if you will). Peter’s saga is breathtaking, shocking, and an emotional roller coaster for all involved, and he’s earned a place in reality history as a result. — Liz Black

LuLu: Black Ink Crew

When it comes to cute kids, they always have our attention and steal the scene, that’s why we have to add Lulu to the list. Whenever O’S**t interacts with his daughter, Lulu, we becomes overwhelmed with her cuteness and unfaltering love for her father. She is definitely one of the cutest VH1 kids we are ever come across! — Katie Meena
Rasheeda’s Mom, Shirleen: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

We fell in love with Ms. Shirleen from the moment she uttered her catch phrase “Oh, HELL naw!” on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Rasheeda’s mom was there to defend her daughter (and run over her son-in-law’s motorcycle) and show Kirk what a mother is truly capable of. Even Nicki Minaj tweeted about her. (To that, Shirleen told us “I was like ’Whaaaat? Nicki Minaj know who Ms. Shirleen is?’ That was too good.”) She wasn’t on the show often, but when she was, she stole it. — Liz Black
Natalie Guercio: Mob Wives: New Blood
When we say “new blood” around these parts, we mean the new cast members who just recently joined Mob Wives, and Natalie Guercio has proven that she can bring it — drama, entertainment, beauty — when things need to be shaken up. She doesn’t care that these women are known for tearing people apart like pitbulls, she’s ready for a fight herself and plans to give them a run for their money. —Liz Black