Black Ink Crew Season Two Finale: Trouble In Paradise

Congratulations to Puma and Quani! The happy couple managed survive family flare-ups and resist the urge to only consume rum punch while in Jamaica long enough to officially become husband and wife on tonight’s Black Ink Crew. It wasn’t an easy road, though, as their guest list threatened to ruin the big day–even in such an idyllic location.

To see how Mr. and Mrs. Wonder Twin came to be, as well as the fallout from Ceaser’s sudden decision to break up with Dutchess, check out the biggest moments from tonight’s Season Two finale.

Puma and Quani Say “I do”

These two have been through a lot together, yet seem poised to undertake any curveball life decides to throw at them. Their ceremony on the beach at the Grand Lido was perfectly romantic, and the after party’s dance floor was full of joy. Puma proved he is man enough to wear pink (lipstick), and Tamia and Sassy make quite the pair on the dance floor.

Empty Chairs At Empty Tables

After an unexplained freak-out by Quani’s mother Denise, two members of the bride’s family went missing during the rehearsal dinner. (Either Teddy is not too quick on the uptake, or he was simply trying to move the plot along for those of us at home.) The absence of her mother on the eve of her big day understandably got to Quani, and Puma was quick to rush to his love’s side. “I love Quani to death man, and I’m not going to let nobody get in the way of what me and her are trying to achieve,” he said. “Not her mama, not anybody. It’s about us.” Luckily there were virgin pina coladas, Puma’s mother Denise and biscuits to salvage the night.

O’S**t Reveals His Past With Kathie

With three baby mamas to keep track of, it’s been difficult to side with O’S**t this season. Time after time we’ve seen him mess up, causing ex-girlfriend Kathie to hurt. Yes, she can fly off the handle, but it can’t be easy seeing your onetime lover move on from you and the child you have together. But we never knew all the details of their relationship… until now. It turns out, Richard Duncan was a sweet boyfriend who lost his mother in high school and used to take care of Kathie– including making sure she made it to school on a daily basis. In college he transferred schools to be with her, only to find out she was cheating on him when he arrived. There are two sides to every story, but this piece of information paints S**t in a new light, revealing that he, too, has been burned by someone before.

Considering he has another child on the way, who knows if these two will be able to work out their differences for the good of Achilles. We can only hope that they get to a place where they aren’t yelling at each other on street corners or punching unsuspecting diners during a family lunch.

What did you think about Puma and Quani’s wedding? Was Puma wrong to speak to Quani’s mother like that? Should Ceaser reconsider his break-up with Dutchess? What’s next for O’S**t? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.