Mob Wives: New Blood Sneak Peek: Two-Faced Friends

This week on Mob Wives: New Blood, the girls are still in Las Vegas (most epic trip ever, right?). They’ve all agreed to hang out together, despite the friction between Renee and Natalie, at the race track, but when Renee sees Drita, Ang and Alicia having fun with Natalie, she starts to wonder where their loyalties lie.

Not only did Natalie push every one of Renee’s buttons on this trip, she says, but “the girls are playing with her like it’s all good.”

“She just wants to sit there and be angry, so let her,” Ang says. She and the rest of the girls want to have fun, dammit. Will Renee call them out for their “two-faced” behavior? Watch the episode Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT to find out!