VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Single Ladies Returns

After a 15-month hiatus Keisha, April, and Raquel returned to VH1 with the Season 3 premiere of Single Ladies and we fell in love with these women’s stories all over again. On Love & Hip Hop, Cyn learned about Erica kissing Rich and gave Erica an ultimatum.

On Couples Therapy, after a few drinks, Taylor went crazy over the heat in her room while Renee finally came to her senses and apologized to Natalie on Mob Wives: New Blood. From long-awaited returns and apologies to secrets and meltdowns. VH1 has started off 2014 in high gear. Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

Single Ladies: Malcolm Is Shocked By His Father’s Will

After the unexpected death of their father, Malcolm and Terrence review their father’s will and Malcolm is shocked to learn that their father left half of Franks Jewels to Terrence. Still reeling from this new, Malcolm and Terrence receive another surprise when Keisha’s ex, Sean, interrupts the meeting with his client, Naomi…who claims that she is Malcolm Franks, Sr.’s wife. What does this mean for their father’s will? Is Naomi telling the truth? There are so many questions left to be answered!

Love & Hip Hop: Cyn Gives Erica An Ultimatum

Feeling guilty about what happened in the studio with Rich, Erica confesses to Cyn that she kissed Rich. Although Erica tried to play it off as if it were not a big deal, Cyn is furious and extremely hurt that Erica betrayed her. It was obvious that Erica’s tears and emotions were real and raw. In the midst of their argument, the situation gets worse when Rich comes into the studio demanding that Cyn leave because this is his session. As emotions run high, Rich and Cyn start throwing insults at one another. Rich kicks Cyn out of the studio but not before Cyn gives Erica an ultimatum – her or Rich.

Couples Therapy: Taylor Loses Control

After spending the night bowling and throwing back a couple drinks, Taylor begins questioning Farrah about all of her upcoming projects and Farrah feels ambushed. Once the group returns to the house, Taylor becomes extremely frustrated that there is no heat in her room. Her anger runs wild as she loses control and begins yelling at everyone around her. The house sees a completely different side of the Beverly Hills housewife as Taylor threatens to leave therapy. Was this an emotional meltdown or a self-entitled temper tantrum?

Mob Wives: New Blood: Renee Apologizes To Natalie

It’s obvious that the two physical fights between Renee and Natalie really ruined the Las Vegas trip for Drita, Big Ang, and Alicia. After questioning the girls’ loyalty at the racetrack, Renee calls her son, AJ, to discuss everything that had taken place over the weekend. Hearing AJ’s thoughts and opinions helped Renee to come to her senses and apologize to Natalie. Natalie accepts Renee’s apology but it’s very clear that their relationship will never be the same.

Will Erica choose Rich and her music over Cyn? Is Naomi really married to Malcolm and Terrence’s father? How would you have handled Taylor’s meltdown?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

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