The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Natalie Guercio

So far, we know Natalie Guercio is the type of chick who stands up for herself, doesn’t back down, looks riDICulously good in a catsuit, and runs her family business like a boss. But did you also know she’s kind of a nerd for musicals and loves barbecue? We dug up some lesser-known facts about the Mob Wives star, so check out our list of 9 Things You Never Knew to learn about her favorite Philly restaurant, the one food she absolutely hates, and the thing that causes her the most anxiety.

Read on for some of our favorite Natalie moments from Mob Wives!

No one can give a lap dance like Natalie!

Hey, we’re loyal to Renee and all, but we do love the fact that Natalie can stand up for herself like she did during their fight in Vegas.

This was Ang and Drita’s first impression of Natalie. What’s not to love???