VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Alicia Accuses Renee Of Leaking Information On Mob Wives

This week, VH1’s primetime line-up was intense as friendships were tested. On Mob Wives: New Blood, Alicia believes that one of the Staten Island women is leaking information to the press while Tahiry walks out on her best friend, Rashidah Ali, on Love & Hip Hop.

On Single Ladies, April was shocked to learn that she and David work together at Price Management, while on Couples Therapy, Kelsey walked out of the group therapy session when Ghostface downplayed their relationship. Check out our favorite moments from this week on VH1.

Mob Wives: New Blood: Is Renee Leaking Information About Alicia?

When the women come home from their trip in Las Vegas, the drama only continues. Pictures of Alicia partying in Vegas surface in newspapers with the claim that she lied to her judge in order to go on the trip. In order to show their support, Renee, Drita, and Big Ang travel all the way to Philly to spend time with Alicia. However, once there the women are shocked when Alicia believes that one of them is sharing information with the press.

Love & Hip Hop: Tahiry Walks Out On Rashidah Ali

For as long as we’ve known Tahiry and Rashidah, these two have been the best of friends. Rashidah has always been there to help Tahiry sort out her issues with Joe as well as give her some tough love and advice. When Tahiry stops by for a bridesmaids dress fitting, Tahiry begins venting about her situation with Joe. Annoyed that Tahiry has been completely ignoring her wedding plans, Rashidah becomes angry and begins to question Tahiry’s friendship. It was awful to see the friendship between these two begin to crumble and fall apart. After all the insults were said, is this friendship repairable?

Single Ladies: April and David Discover They Work Together

April is back in the game! After things between her and Reggie fell apart in New York, we were happy to see April get back out there and hit it off with David. The two made out outside the club and later took things back to April’s apartment. Fast-forward to the next day after sleeping together – April and David discover that they work together! On April’s first day working for Felicia, April is shocked to learn that both she and David work as managers at Price Management. This will be an interesting mix of business and pleasure.

Couples Therapy: Ghostface and Kelsey Reach A Boiling Point

During the first group therapy session, Kelsey opened up about her past of being a stripper for a brief period of time. Shocked by this news, Ghostface was disgusted and instantly saw Kelsey differently. During this week’s therapy session with Dr. Jenn, Ghostface continued to talk about Kelsey’s past as a stripper. As Kelsey began to tear up, Ghost talked as if his relationship with Kelsey meant nothing and she was just another chick he “bagged”. It was heartbreaking to watch Kelsey walk out on the group therapy session realizing that her relationship with Ghostface may not be all that she thinks it is. Will Ghostface be able to overcome his judgment of Kelsey’s past like she has his?

Will Tahiry and Rashidah be able to mend their friendship? Is Ghostface really committed to his relationship with Kelsey? Do you think one of the women leaked the story about Alicia?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

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