A Guide To Recognizing Your Marrying The Game Cast On Twitter And Instagram

In our latest social media guide roundup, here is the cast of the popular relationship and family orientated reality series, Marrying The Game. You might already be familiar with the Twitter and Instagram handles of its biggest star, rapper The Game, but here is why you can find the show’s other star and their supporting cast. When you make your way to their Instagram pages, expect lots of stunting, hobnobbing with other VH1 reality stars, and lots of shots of the kids featured on Marrying The Game — including King Justice” Taylor, Cali Dream Taylor, and Harlem Caron Taylor.

There’s also lots and lots and lots of shirtless and workout-themed Game selfies. He did earn it, though. But, you’ll also see a very charitable side of The Game — proving Jayceon knows how to use both his stardom and social media for the greater good. Enjoy!


Jayceon Taylor aka Game: @thegame

Tiffney Cambridge: @LoveTiffney

Dontay Kidd: @taydoetv 

Maya Mellon: @mismaya


Jayceon Taylor aka Game: @thedocumentary

Tiffney Cambridge: @lovetiffney and @ilovetiffney

Dontay Kidd: @taydoevision

Maya Mellon: @lovemayalife

King Justice Taylor: @kingjusticetaylor

Cali Dream Taylor: @littlemisscali

Harlem Caron Taylor: @HarlemCaronTaylor