VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Tahiry Says No To Joe’s Marriage Proposal On Love & Hip Hop

From broken friendships and romances to newfound partnerships, VH1’s primetime line-up was all about relationships. On Love & Hip Hop, Joe Budden popped the question to Tahiry in Times Square only for her to tell him no! On Single Ladies, Raquel and Terrence decide to go into business together to sell Terrence’s jewelry collection at Indulgence.

On Couples Therapy, Whitney accused Sada of flirting with Ghostface while on Mob Wives: New Blood, Renee and Alicia met to resolve their issues but instead made a bigger mess and left their friendship in pieces. Check out our favorite moments from this past week on VH1.

Love & Hip Hop: Joe Budden Proposes To Tahiry

The relationship between Tahiry and Joe Budden has been an emotional roller coaster and struggle but Love & Hip Hop fans have always been rooting for this couple. Last week ended with the cliffhanger of Joe’s proposal to Tahiry and this week the question was answered. Will Tahiry say yes?! NO. After years of their on-and-off again relationship, Joe proposes to Tahiry in Times Square and Tahiry declines. Because of trust issues, Tahiry feels that she cannot marry Joe and that their relationship is fully over. Is there a chance that these two can find love again?

Single Ladies: Raquel and Terrence Become Business Partners

After Malcolm denies Terrence’s faux jewelry line for Franks Jewels and Raquel discovers the pieces, Raquel thinks that having Terrence’s collection at Indulgence would be a great financial move for them both. Raquel pitches her idea to Terrence after he shares how he started designing his own jewelry. While on a rooftop overlooking the city, Raquel helps Terrence come up with the name Cut for his jewelry line. After some financial negotiating, Terrence signs the paperwork to become Raquel’s business partner in Indulgence. Raquel and Terrence certainly are an unlikely pair, but we cannot wait to see where this relationship takes them – in business and in romance!

Couples Therapy: Whitney Accuses Sada Of Flirting With Ghostface

From the outside looking in, Whitney and Sada appear to have the most functional relationship – mainly due to the fact that they are the only married couple in therapy. However, as we learned during the group sessions, their biggest issue is trust. From flirting with another person to doubting fidelity, trust is the root cause of the majority of Whitney and Sada’s fights. By the end of Sada’s birthday party, Whitney confronts Sada about flirting with Ghostface and being too affectionate with him. With alcohol involved, their conversation escalates into a heated argument. Was Sada really flirting with Ghostface or is Whitney just overreacting?

Mob Wives: New Blood: Renee and Alicia Battle It Out

Whatever friendship was building between Renee and Alicia has come to a drastic and sudden halt. Alicia has started to question if she can trust Renee while Renee feels betrayed. After Alicia accused Renee of leaking information to the press, the two women meet to resolve their issues but instead emotions run high and the conversation turns ugly. Tweets are mentioned, insults are thrown, and the topics of trust and loyalty are at the center of the debate. Can Renee and Alicia find common ground?

Will Tahiry and Joe find love with one another again? Is Raquel making a mistake by partnering with Terrence? How can Renee and Alicia repair their damaged friendship?

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