How Are ATL Celebs Handling All That Snow?

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Those of you not glued to 24-hour news may not have heard that a snow storm has crippled Atlanta and other parts of the south this week, to the point where the number of abandoned cars on the highway makes it look like the first episode of The Walking Dead down there. Since there are so many VH1 stars based in the ATL, we wanted to make sure they were all safe and sound, and it looks like after an extremely harrowing Tuesday, they’re all okay. Check out some photos from the casts of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and T.I. And Tiny to see what they’ve been going through this week. Poor Shekinah got stranded on the highway for a while, while Kirk Frost has spent some time daydreaming about the kind of truck he’d use to plow through the mess. Glad to see it’s not a huge disaster for everybody!