VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Are Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz Still Smashing?

This week VH1’s primetime line-up was all about secrets and lies. On the Love & Hip Hop season finale, Rich Dollaz claims that he and Erica Mena are still sleeping together which obviously set Cyn off into a rage of anger. On Single Ladies, Keisha accidentally slips up and tells Sean about the wedding photo that she found of Malcolm Franks, Sr. and Naomi.

On Couples Therapy, Ghostface shocked Kelsey by revealing that he has been dating another woman while Mob Wives: New Blood, the close friendship between Drita, Ang, and Renee begins to unravel. Check out our favorite moments from this past week on VH1.

Love & Hip Hop: Is Erica Still Sleeping With Rich?

Since Season 3, the chemistry and strong feelings between Erica and Rich have been obvious to anyone watching. However, once their relationship came to an abrupt end, Cyn caught Erica’s eye and caused her to start playing for the opposing team. When Erica and Rich made out in the studio, we began to question if Erica was really over Rich. Now at Erica’s debut performance, Rich tells Cyn that he and Erica are still sleeping together. When an angry Cyn confronts Erica, instead of just instantly denying the accusation, Erica says that she needs to talk to Rich first to “find out what’s going on”. Is Rich telling the truth? Has Erica just been using Cyn to win Rich’s attention?

Single Ladies: Keisha Tells Sean About The Wedding Photo

When Keisha discovered the wedding photo of Malcolm Franks, Sr. and Naomi, like her, we started to believe that there might be some truth to Naomi’s side of the story. In a shocking turn of events, when Keisha showed Malcolm the photo, Malcolm secretly burned the picture – destroying the evidence. This week when Keisha runs into Sean at the poker match, she gets defensive about the case and accidentally slips up and tells Sean about the wedding photo. Surprisingly, Sean had no idea about the picture. With Sean having incidentally recorded the conversation, we know Malcolm having burned the picture is going to have some major consequences. As this case continues to unravel, we are eager to discover the truth!

Couples Therapy: Ghostface Drops A Bomb On Kelsey

After meeting with Dr. Jenn during an individual session, Ghostface shocks Kelsey by revealing that while the two of them have been in a relationship, he has been dating another woman. Kelsey is clearly heartbroken learning that her man has been unfaithful. To make matters worse, Ghostface tells Kelsey that he wants the three of them to get together for a session so that he can figure out which woman he wants to continue in a relationship with. Upon this request, Kelsey leaves the room in disbelief. We cannot imagine the thoughts going through Kelsey’s head at this time knowing how strong her feelings were for Ghostface. How will this meeting with the other woman go? We’re sure we’ll learn the answer to that question and many more in the upcoming weeks.

Mob Wives: New Blood: Drita and Ang Confront Renee

When Drita read the text message that Renee sent Natalie, Drita was shocked that Renee felt like she was set up in Vegas. After telling Ang about the message, both Drita and Ang are insulted and decide that the best course of action would be to confront Renee. When the girls sit down with Renee the topic of conversation quickly switches to Natalie’s Halloween party. Renee states that she is not good at “pretending” like Drita or Ang which Drita takes offense to right away, believing that Renee just called her fake and phony. Is Renee pushing everyone away, including Ang and Drita? We wonder what will happen between this close group of friends.

Are Erica and Rich still sleeping together? Is Renee slowly isolating herself from the group of women? Should Kelsey agree to meeting Ghost’s other woman?

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