Cookbook Author Renee Graziano Talks About Getting Stabbed By Her Sister (For A Meatball)

Mob Wives star Renee Graziano and her sisters, Jennifer and Lana, are releasing a cookbook today, perfectly titled How To Use A Meat Cleaver. (Find out where you can order the book here!) We got the chance to chat with Renee and Jennifer about some of the recipes in the book which all sound…delicious. Oops. Did we just say that word?

See, it’s too bad that word caused so much drama on Mob Wives because the recipes in this book all sound so good. To hear how Renee reacted when we accidentally dropped the “d” word and to find out more about the legendary Graziano family story about how Renee was stabbed for eating the last meatball, read our interview below — we’ve got all the details that you won’t see in the cookbook!

VH1: In your family meatball recipe, you guys talk about how someone got stabbed trying to get the last meatball, what happened there?

Renee: Okay, you know who got stabbed don’t you? Let me give you a hint, IT HURT REALLY BAD. That’s who got stabbed for the meatball! Who stabbed me? That I won’t give away because I will never implicate anybody, especially not my sister. But let me just say this, she’s the brains of the operation. I’m telling you, I still have the scar, no joke, she took her fork and jabbed me. A fork is hard to get through the skin. Yeah, she got me. It hurt really bad.

Jennifer: It was my meatball. And I put it aside and hid it for me. And she knew that!! I caught her sneaking to eat after I just came back from a rough soccer game starving. So I poked her a little!! It was a fork!!

Renee: I was bleeding and chewing at the same time.

VH1: Renee, the meatball recipe in the cookbook also mentions how you ran out of bread crumbs one day and used crushed up potato chips instead in your recipe. That actually sounds really good.

Renee: I was newly married and having everyone over at my house for the first time. At least 20 people were coming over. And I ran out of bread crumbs. I couldn’t go out because I was cooking the sauce, so I was like, hmmm, I need to improvise. And instead of putting toast in the toaster to make bread crumbs — and we all know how much I hate crumbs — I was like, gimme that bag of Wise potato chips, so I smushed them and was like forget it, just put the potato chips in there, and do you know there was at least six dozen meatballs, at least, and we didn’t even get halfway through dinner and every one of them was gone. I held it in till the very end and was like “I made them with Wise potato chips!” They still ask me for these meatballs.

It sounds delicious, I actually really want to try that now.

Renee: Did you just say ’delicious’ to me??

Sorry! But how are you going to handle people now that you have a cookbook coming out when they tell you your food is delicious?

Renee: Honestly, I was never mad at the word. Food is delicious. Not your girl’s man. Nowadays, I prefer the word delectable.