Celebrating Drita D’Avanzo On Her Birthday!

It’s not hard to figure out how Drita D’Avanzo became an immediate standout and subsequent fan favorite of Mob Wives. With a slick mouth like that, how could you not fall for the hip hop rapping (yes, another Beyoncé reference) reality star, makeup artist, business owner and LADY BOSS? Just take a look at be clip above. When she has the choice between dressing as a flapper or a gangster, she chooses gangster. And we choose to honor Drita for it and all that she gives on the telly, particularly on this day, her birthday!

Take a look at some of our favorite Drita moments on Mob Wives and join us in wishing her a happy, happy birthday!

She gambles like a dude.

This is how she and her husband show affection: “You’re a real f—ing dick.”

She plays it so cool when she meets her idol, Method Man.

She has clairvoyant dreams that come true. And priceless facial expressions.

She knows her place. And it’s not at the f—ing golf course.