Watch The Top Moments Of Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 10: A Dance With The Devil

This week on Mob Wives: New Blood, despite everyone’s efforts to make nice with Renee, she not only walks out on her lunch with Natalie, which had been a long time coming and was supposed to be a fresh start for them, but she also stood all four of the girls up for lunch at Le Cirque. It makes sense that Renee was angry with Natalie even though they were working toward making amends, because Natalie spoke out of turn and brought up Renee’s issues with Alicia and that set things off. But there was no reason for Renee to bail on the fancy lunch Drita set up so the five of them could all just hang out and have fun. No reason other than Renee saying “I got way more important things to do than to be bothered with bulls—t.”
The real issue is that Renee feels like she brought all the girls together in the first place, but now she’s an outsider, kicked out of their clique. “It’s funny because I’m the one that put these four girls together, I played nice, and all of a sudden I’m the one feeling like I don’t belong? Get the f— outta here.” Drita and Ang are irritated too, however, because they think Renee’s acting out of character, at least when it comes to them.
It’s understandable why Renee would take herself out of situations she doesn’t want to be in, but Drita is angry that Renee bailed, especially since she set up the lunch. “No one’s gonna know if we can all be together until everybody shows up together. And Renee should know better than anyone, there’s not too many women outside our circle that can relate to all the s—t that we’ve been through.” Drita proposes another meal, dinner at her house so that everyone can truly work things out in one room. Renee agrees, but also says “I’d rather drink f—ing poison than be at Drita’s house tonight. BUT! I’m gonna show up and dance with the motherf—ing devil because I wear the best shoes and can dance all night long.”