VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: April and David Get It On In The Office On Single Ladies

This week VH1’s primetime line-up was all about passion, relationships, and secrets. On Single Ladies, a heated argument quickly turned into April and David getting it on in the office on top of a desk while on Love & Hip Hop The Reunion (Part 1), Tahiry lashed out at Joe for claiming that she left him when things got tough in their relationship.

On Couples Therapy, the couples quit being polite with Farrah when Dr. Jenn tries to explain Farrah’s legal situation while on Mob Wives: New Blood, Renee and Natalie try to resolve their issues but the conversation ends with Renee walking out on Natalie. Check out our favorite moments from this past week on VH1.

Single Ladies: April and David Get It On In The Office

Every girl loves a guy who is charismatic with a bit of a competitive edge. When April first met David, their one night hookup session was meant to last exactly that – one night. Suddenly, the two discover that they both work for Felicia at Price Management and they will be in competition against one another to sign artists. As much as David frustrates April and gets under her skin, it’s obvious that she is attracted to him. In the midst of a heated argument over how much they dislike one another, passion takes over as April and David start making out on top of a desk at work. How scandalous!

Love & Hip Hop: Tahiry Goes Off On Joe

The relationship between Tahiry and Joe Budden has been an emotional roller coaster and struggle but Love & Hip Hop fans have always been rooting for this couple. During The Reunion (Part 1), host Mo’Nique acts as a therapist while Tahiry and Joe try to sort out their issues and explain why they did not get engaged. When Joe expresses that Tahiry left him when things got tough and difficult in their relationship, Tahiry becomes extremely emotional and lashes out at Joe. Has this couple really given up one another?

Couples Therapy: The Couples Gang Up On Farrah

After having a one-on-one session with Farrah without the cameras, Dr. Jenn tells the group that what she discussed with Farrah was one of the most awful things she has ever heard during her time as a therapist. While trying to help the couples understand Farrah and her situation, Dr. Jenn quickly gets interrupted by the other couples. John, Taylor, Whitney, and Sada interject the conversation and do not hold back on their feelings on Farrah’s solo presence at therapy, along with sharing their thoughts on her keeping secrets. Should Farrah remain a part of couples therapy although she is there alone and is not able to be completely honest with the group?

Mob Wives: New Blood: Can Renee and Natalie Be Friends?

From working together on Mob Candy to the “delicious” comment and their physical fight in Las Vegas, the relationship between Renee and Natalie has been a roller coaster. Having not seen one another since their Vegas trip, Natalie and Renee decide to meet and clear the air once and for all in attempt to move forward in their friendship. The conversation gets off to a rocky start when Natalie questions Renee’s trust and loyalty. When Natalie brings up Renee’s issues with Alicia, Renee becomes extremely frustrated and walks out on Natalie. Will these two women ever resolve their issues?

Will Tahiry and Joe ever get back together? Was it wrong for the couples to gang up on Farrah in the way that they did? Can Renee and Natalie resolve their differences and amend their friendship?

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