VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Amina Reveals She Is Pregnant On The Love & Hip Hop Reunion

With so many shocking twists and turns, VH1’s primetime lineup kept us on the edge of our seats all week long. On Love & Hip Hop The Reunion (Part 2), Amina dropped a pregnancy bombshell that sent Peter Gunz into an emotional tailspin while on Single Ladies, Naomi threatened Malcolm with information that could put him and his company in big trouble.

On Couples Therapy, the couples urged Jon to stand up for himself in his relationship with Liz while on Mob Wives: New Blood the saga of Natalie and Renee continued when Natalie tweeted some offensive statements towards Renee. Check out the highlights from this past week on VH1.

Love & Hip Hop: Amina Drops A Pregnancy Bombshell

From the premiere episode of Season 4, the relationship between Peter Gunz and Amina has been a shocking roller coaster adventure to say the least (in the words of host Mo’Nique). Earlier this season we saw Amina reach deep into her bra and pull out an ID to prove to Tara (along with every Love & Hip Hop viewer), that she was the real Mrs. Pankey. In a similar fashion, on this week’s reunion show Amina pulled a pregnancy test out of her bra and shocked Peter by announcing her pregnancy. Unfortunately, Peter Gunz did not seem happy about this news. Now we’re left with just 2 questions – Will this couple stay together to work out their relationship? And what else is hiding in Amina’s bra?!

Single Ladies: Naomi and Malcolm Meet Face-To-Face

When Naomi and Malcolm meet face-to-face in this week’s episode, lots of juicy details of their pasts are revealed. First, it appears that these two had a fling back in the day and second, Naomi mentions something about purchasing stolen diamonds for Frank Jewels. Clearly, Naomi has lots of dirt on Malcolm that could put him and his company in big trouble with the law; she threatens him with this information in order to get what she wants. We’re really curious to learn more about their mysterious past together and we’re eager to see what happens to Malcolm – especially when Keisha finally learns the truth.

Couples Therapy: The Couples Get Real With Jon and Liz

After seeing how Liz reacted to walking in on Jon alone in his room, the couples have been uneasy about the way Liz treats Jon. Similar to his relationship with Kate, they feel that Liz emasculates him and walks all over him in their relationship. Once the couples learn the results of their compatibility tests, Liz and Jon are extremely upset that they were found to be incompatible. While discussing this, Taylor, John, Whitney, and Sada decide that it’s finally time to tell Jon what they really think about his relationship with Liz. Were they out of line by doing so?

Mob Wives: New Blood: Did Natalie Attack Renee On Twitter?

This week’s episode started out with Alicia, Renee, and Natalie making amends at Drita’s house and calling a truce. However, this truce was short-lived near the end of the episode where Natalie and Renee’s friendship is once again in chaos. After going on Twitter, Renee vents to Alicia, Drita, and Ang about all the offensive statements Natalie tweeted. From questioning Renee’s friendship with Alicia’s husband, Eddie, and implying infidelity, Renee goes ballistic about everything she has read online. Will these two women ever back down and learn to play nice?

Will Peter Gunz and Amina stay together? What type of shady business were Malcolm and Naomi involved in? Is Liz walking all over Jon?

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