VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Basketball Wives LA Returns

This week marked the season 3 premiere of Basketball Wives LA and the season finale of Mob Wives: New Blood. On the premiere episode of Basketball Wives LA the drama was already on the rise before halftime; Brandi dove in to asking Sundy about a sore subject – her daughter, while Ariane confronted Draya about her past relationship with DeShawn Stevenson. On the season finale of Mob Wives: New Blood Alicia went before the judge to receive her sentence.

On Single Ladies, more details were revealed about Malcolm’s mysterious past during a conversation with Deacon while on Couples Therapy, Farrah has an unfortunate revelation about her mother during a session with Dr. Jenn. Check out highlights from this past week on VH1.

Basketball Wives LA: The Ladies Bring Up The Dirt On One Another

When Jackie gets all the wives together to discussing her upcoming event, the women begin digging up the dirt on one another and bringing it to the surface. First, Brandi questions Sundy about some rumors she read about on the Internet involving her daughter. When that does not go over so well, Brittish jumps in and begins attacking Brandi for bringing up the sore subject. When Ariane confronts Draya about her brief relationship past with Ariane’s baby daddy, DeShawn Stevenson, the conversation among the women just gets messier. With this volatile group of women, we cannot wait to see all the drama play out this season!

Mob Wives: New Blood: Alicia Gets Sentenced

After months of anticipation and anxiety, the day has finally arrived for Alicia to go in front of the judge and receive her sentencing. With the hopes of not having to go to prison and be taken away from her children, Alicia goes in to the courthouse hoping for the best. When Natalie attends Alicia’s sentencing for emotional support, she calls the other girls to share Alicia’s fate. Will Alicia go to jail? Will she be put under house arrest? Of course the episode ends with a cliffhanger and we’ll just have to wait until next season to see how it all went down.

Single Ladies: Malcolm Confronts Deacon

Last week we learned a lot about Malcolm’s past during his face-to-face meeting with Naomi. This week, more of Malcolm’s mysterious past is revealed during his tense conversation with Deacon. When Malcolm meets with Deacon to tell him to stay away from Terrence, Deacon begins diving into Malcolm’s past and how he handles his business. At one point Deacon mentions a “candy store” and we are unclear about what he is talking about. Could Deacon be referring to Eden Gems? Are Malcolm and Deacon business partners? Each week we are learning a little bit more of Malcolm’s tangled web and we are eager to learn the truth when all the dust settles.

Couples Therapy: Farrah Has A Sitdown With Her Mom

After discussing childhood trauma during the group session, Dr. Jenn meets with Farrah and her mother, Debra, in order to get to the root of Farrah’s issues. Things become very uncomfortable when Dr. Jenn brings up how Debra had gotten physical with Farrah in the past. During the discussion it becomes very clear that Debra is not providing the emotional support that Farrah wants in a mother. It was extremely heartbreaking to watch Dr. Jenn try to forge a connection between Farrah and her mother, but Debra was resistant to the process. As Dr. Jenn said, unfortunately, it looks like Farrah will need to begin the grieving process for the mother she will never have.

What are your thoughts on the new Basketball Wives LA cast members? Does Deacon have something to do with Eden Gems? What do you think was Alicia’s sentence?

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