1-800-GOOD-ADVICE: The Funniest Phone Conversations Between Drita And Lee

When Drita and Lee D’Avanzo get on the phone with each other, what results is the most profane display of affection you’ve ever seen. No other couple could get away with calling one another “f—ing degenerates” and have it be a term of endearment. When we saw Drita recently at the Mob Wives reunion, we asked her what Lee thinks when he sees the show, and she said that they watch it together and laugh their asses off. The one thing that does bug her? When viewers start getting judgey. “I get upset because people tweet ’How could you lower yourself to let a man talk to you like that?'” she told VH1. “They don’t really understand us as a couple, that’s just the way we are. There’s no other way around it, that’s how we talk to each other.” Hear that, everyone?

Let’s take a look at our funniest, favorite moments between the D’Avanzos this season (including our personal favorite line “Lee’s not 1-800-GOOD-ADVICE”) and tune in to the Mob Wives: New Blood reunion airing this Thursday at 10PM ET/PT.

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