What Part Of The Mob Wives Reunion Is Renee Dreading The Most?

We spoke to Renee Graziano recently at the taping for the Mob Wives: New Blood reunion, and, no big surprise, she was dreading going into it because of all the drama that was about to be kicked back up. Season four has been hard on Renee (“This was my least favorite season,” she tells us.) in part because she got into it with every one of her co-stars at some point.

When we talked about what she was expecting for the reunion, she told us “For me, what I’m dreading most today is the replay of Vegas. Otherwise, I could care less. I think this will be the quietest of reunions for me. Because I’m just done. What else is there to argue about? We did that all year. I know this is the chance to rectify this, that and the other, but it almost feels pointless to argue over something that you’re going to get the same results with. It’s like the perfect definition of insanity would be the Mob Wives reunion. It just goes around and around. Why waste any more energy?”

Big Ang, who was with Renee when we chatted, added that in her opinion, Renee’s headlock on Natalie was the season’s defining moment. “I think that definitely was the craziest moment,” Renee agreed, adding that she’s not optimistic that the reunion will end with the ladies hugging it out. “I think that there’s going to be hard feelings regardless because of silly girl bulls—, in plain English.” The reunion airs Thursday, February 27th, at 10PM ET/PT.

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