“What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Mob Wives”: Big Ang Picks Her Favorite Moment Of Mob Wives Season 4

We all have our favorite parts of this season of Mob Wives: New Blood. For us, we loved anything having to do with Drita and Lee, and we thought it would have been fantastic to see Ang and Neil actually have a baby. But what does Big Ang think? We asked her what her favorite part of the season was, and surprisingly, it was actually a part of the girls’ trip to Vegas: their night at the Crazy Horse. “The best part was us in the strip club. I had the best time, we had so much fun! That was my favorite because we finally had fun.” Then, she addressed Renee, telling her, “My favorite part of the strip club was you on the pole.”

“Yeahhh, I kinda changed the channel,” Renee told Ang. “I didn’t really want to see that. From what I understand, I’m not so bad!”

Considering the fact that the trip took up three whole episodes, was there any aspect of it we didn’t see? Any truth to “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?”

“Absolutely not,” Renee said. “What happens in Vegas ends up on Mob Wives!”

“Yeah, it’s a lie,” Big Ang told us. “But what happens in Florida stays there.”