Mob Wives Reunion Sneak Peek: You Ain’t Never Been My Friend

“Don’t get me started! Period. I’m telling you: SHUT. UP.”

There’s been relatively little drama between Renee and Drita all season long on Mob Wives, but at the reunion Drita gets rip-roaring mad at Renee over comments she made in the first season of the show when she was part of a conversation about Lee. And then she accuses Renee of never being a true friend. Whoa.

“People will sit there and talk, I didn’t talk,” Renee defended herself, in this sneak peek from the reunion. Renee, trying to clear her name as a gossip, is not taking Drita’s accusations lightly, but Drita is pissed off.

“PEOPLE are YOU!” she screams back. “You did it. Ain’t nobody talking about my husband…You can go back first, second, third season, you ain’t never been my friend.” Those are some fightin’ words.

The Mob Wives: New Blood reunion airs Thursday at 10PM ET/PT.

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