VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: The Fighting Continues On Mob Wives: New Blood The Reunion

This week marked the reunion special of Mob Wives: New Blood where all the drama throughout the season returned to the surface and in a shocking turn of events, Drita claimed that she and Renee were never friends. On Basketball Wives LA, Brittish and Brandi engaged in another verbal battle over insecurities and fakeness.

On Single Ladies, Keisha learned the truth about Malcolm’s “shady” past while on Couples Therapy, Jon Gosselin destroyed a dining room as a form of anger management regarding his ex-wife, Kate. Check out highlights from this past week on VH1.

Mob Wives: New Blood: Drita and Renee Ever Really Friends?

Throughout this season of Mob Wives: New Blood, Renee has gotten into intense arguments with both Natalie and Alicia. We never would have expected the shocking turn of events that would be Drita and Renee’s fight during the reunion. While rehashing how Renee and her friend, Carla, discussed Alicia’s husband behind Alicia’s back, Drita steps in in defense of Alicia. When Drita brings up how Renee used to talk to Karen Gravano about Lee, Drita becomes extremely angry and lashes out at Renee. At one point she claims that looking back on earlier seasons of the show, she and Renee were never really friends. What does this mean for their “friendship” moving forward?

Basketball Wives LA: Brittish vs. Brandi

Brandi and Brittish did not start off on the right foot at Jackie’s event-planning meeting on last week’s episode and this week, their relationship took a turn for the worse. During Brittish’s Turkish Tea Party, a conversation between the women became extremely heated when Brittish claimed that Brandi was fake and bougie. In retaliation, Brandi accused Brittish of being insecure. As a result, Brittish’s anger builds up to the point where she throws off her shoes and is ready to get physical with Brandi. Sundy, Malaysia, and Jackie manage to break-up the situation but not before insults are continuously thrown back and forth.

Single Ladies: Keisha Learns The Truth About Malcolm

For weeks we have been learning more and more about Malcolm’s mysterious past involving Deacon and Naomi. Finally, the time has come where all of Malcolm’s secrets have exploded and Keisha must learn the truth about the man she loves. When Malcolm reveals everything he has been keeping from Keisha, Keisha is completely destroyed. In this heartbreaking scene, Keisha explains that she told Malcolm everything about her past and she just wanted to be with someone who would accept her for who she is. After feeling betrayed by Malcolm for not being completely honest with Keisha, we are left to wonder what is to come of their relationship.

Couples Therapy: Jon Destroys A Dining Room

During an anger management therapy session with Dr. Jenn and Dr. Mike Dow, the couples face their demons and let out all the rage they have been holding in for years. The most explosive of the couples is Jon Gosselin, who completely destroys a dining room as a result of all the suppressed fury from his 10-year marriage to his ex-wife, Kate. From smashing a dining room table to taking a baseball bat to a television set, Jon reveals how much pain his marriage has caused him and how the idea of perfection destroyed his relationship. In this groundbreaking exercise, it was refreshing yet intense to see the couples let go of all their anger and repressed emotions.

Do you think Drita and Renee were never really friends? Are you #TeamBrittish or #TeamBrandi? Will Keisha stay with Malcolm?

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