Puma And Sassy: Best Friends 4 Life

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In just two short weeks, Black Ink Crew will return to our TV screens, which means that our two favorite Wondertwinz, Sassy and Puma, will be back in our lives. It’s not often that you find a reality show with two besties that are so ride or die that they almost NEVER fight, but these guys share a bond unlike almost any other on TV. We’ll let Puma’s words speak for themselves, he wrote this little note to Sassy on her birthday and it was too sweet not to share: “Since we first met we’ve been cool as hell and we have watch each other grow thru this crazy as journey called life..you’ve always held me down and I love you for that sis .. Happy Birthday @The_Real_SassyGotAChoppa.”

Peep some pics of the two of them together over the years (along with Puma’s wife Quani and daughter Tamia, and some other special cameos like Al Sharpton and Erica Mena!). Wondertwinz 4eva!

[Photos: Instagram]