Black Ink Crew Season Premiere Sneak Peek: Mama Jones Shows Us How To Hustle

Celebrities are always dropping by Black Ink, and the new season of Black Ink Crew  is even more star-studded than ever. Monday night’s season premiere kicks off in a big way, thanks to a surprise appearance from Mama Jones. Fans of Jim Jones will recognize his ever-hustling mother, who has a tendency to do and say the unpredictable. Because as Ceaser explains, “when you’re hip-hop royalty, you do whatever the f–k you want to do.” And judging by her head-to-toe fur, Mama Jones is definitely doing exactly that.

Mama Jones visits the shop to reveal her upcoming book, My Guide To Love, and get some fresh ink. To see more of her antics at the shop, and who she’s looking for — ahem,  Dutchess?– tune in to the season premiere of Black Ink Crew on Monday Monday at 9:30 PM ET/PT.